Detailed conference programme coming soon...

26th June 2020

Dear ICCSA participants,

Just a brief update, to inform you that we're now in the process of building the detailed timetable of the parallel sessions.

Yesterday was the deadline for registration, so now that we have the full picture, it will take us few days to build the timetable.

Considering we need to fit all the papers in sessions, assign chairs, and check with workshop chairs about the order of presentations, we plan to publish it by Monday 29th June.

Just to give you an idea, we’re planning to run 6 parallel videoconferencing rooms on ICCSA Jitsi platform.
Following the rough time landscape in "Programme at a glance", the timetable will be organised in 1-hour time slots, with 4 papers presented per hour.
As you know, we’re allocating 10 minutes for each paper (8 min. presentation + 2 min.), so with 4 papers per hour we will be incorporating some robustness into it, with some extra time the session chairs will have at their disposal.

Thank you for your attention, and see you soon for the "First contact": the pre-conference meetups...