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ICCSA2020 Presentation Templates

Dear ICCSA2020 partecipants,

For your presentations at the ICCSA2020 online conference, please use the following template:

These are recommended template layouts, and are not compulsory.

Thank you.

How to ICCSA (2020 Edition)

Dear ICCSA2020 participants,

In this how-to page, we present an overview of the conference activities, and want to give you preliminary guidelines and instructions for you to be able to participate.

To offer a well-rounded conference experience, we are organising two types of activities for each main track and workshop:

  1. “First Contact”: pre-conference asynchronous meetups, from 27th June

  2. “The Thing”: live, synchronous presentation and discussion sessions during the days of the conference, from 1st to 4th July


1. “First Contact”: pre-conference meetups

The pre-conference meetups will kick off on Saturday, 27th June.

It will offer the opportunity for all the participants to meet, access the presentations, and engage in a preliminary discussion.

The activity is designed as an asynchronous structured-chat/forum-like activity, where the participants can introduce, comment on and start discussing the works to be presented at the conference.

To support this activity, we will be using an instance of the Riot platform. There will be a dedicated “room” for each main track or workshop, with the shared repository of presentations and the chat for discussion. The rooms will be lightly moderated by the session chairs.

To be able to participate, we ask you to:

  1. Prepare and send the presentation slides in pdf format by 25th June

    Please use the following templates for the presentation:

    Name the presentation using the following convention:
    (for example: "101-Erdős-Lets_Stay_Together.pdf")

    In preparing the presentation, consider that we plan to allot 8 minutes for each presentation (plus 2-minutes Q&A) during the live online conference (see below).

    For main tracks papers: send your presentation to Chiara Garau (program committee co-chair):

    For workshops papers: send your presentation to your workshop chair (please refer to the Workshops page to find the workshop chairs' email addresses).

    They will then upload the presentations in the appropriate room file repository.


  1. Access and register at the ICCSA Riot platform.

    IMPORTANT: When creating your account, select the option “Advanced/Other”, which will “Create your Matrix account on” (make sure you see this phrase!)

    The  ICCSA Riot platform is available at:

  2. Look up for your main track or workshop room (use "Explore" menu in the top-left corner) and join in.

  3. Join in the rooms "ICCSA 2020 Lobby" and "ICCSA 2020 
    Official Announcements and News"

  4. Be there from Saturday, 27th June.

 We warmly invite you all to join, look up for your main track of workshop, but also to feel free to roam and stop by whatever catches your attention.

We hope you will have a productive and pleasant first contact!


2. “The thing”: live synchronous sessions

The live, synchronous conference sessions will we held through ICCSA Jitsi platform.

Jitsi is an easy-to-use fully web-based videoconferencing platform. To participate, no special software is required. To access an online “room” one just needs to follow a link, equipped with a microphone and possibly a webcam. For access via mobile devices, there are iOS, Android and F-Droid apps available at the Jitsi website.

We will provide the link to the specific online room for each session in the conference schedule to be published online. So, at the time of the conference, you will just have to follow the link to join your session.

As usual, the sessions will be moderated by session chairs.

Considering that online conferencing can be more burdensome and tiring than in actual conference, and also given that there have already been the first-contact activities, we plan to allot 10 minutes time for each paper: 8 minutes for the presentation and 2 minutes for the discussion. 

During the presentation, you will be able to share your slides, using Jitsi’s screensharing feature.

To get acquainted with the platform, a few days before the conference we will publish the links to a set of open sandbox room for you to test the platform.


Thank you.

ICCSA 2020 Organising Committee





Programme at a glance

Following is the overview of the ICCSA 2020 programme and activities.
All the times are in Central European Time (CET). 

The detailed programme of the parallel sessions will be published soon.

From Saturday, 27th June

  • "First Contact": pre-conference meetups on the ICCSA Riot platform
    (For more details and instructions, see "How to ICCSA" page.)

Wednesday, 1st July

Thursday, 2nd July

Friday, 3rd July

Saturday, 4th July

Detailed conference programme coming soon...

26th June 2020

Dear ICCSA participants,

Just a brief update, to inform you that we're now in the process of building the detailed timetable of the parallel sessions.

Yesterday was the deadline for registration, so now that we have the full picture, it will take us few days to build the timetable.

Considering we need to fit all the papers in sessions, assign chairs, and check with workshop chairs about the order of presentations, we plan to publish it by Monday 29th June.

Just to give you an idea, we’re planning to run 6 parallel videoconferencing rooms on ICCSA Jitsi platform.
Following the rough time landscape in "Programme at a glance", the timetable will be organised in 1-hour time slots, with 4 papers presented per hour.
As you know, we’re allocating 10 minutes for each paper (8 min. presentation + 2 min.), so with 4 papers per hour we will be incorporating some robustness into it, with some extra time the session chairs will have at their disposal.

Thank you for your attention, and see you soon for the "First contact": the pre-conference meetups...

"First contact" meetups kick off

17th June, 2020 1:00 a.m. CET.

We're kicking off the pre-conference meetups on the ICCSA Riot platform!

Right now, Europe and Africa are going to sleep, but the Pacific, Australia and Asia are gradually waking up. And the Americas are still up, although it's still 25th there.
So, feel free to look around, find your workshops and tracks, have a look at the uploaded presentations. (Some are still missing, but they are likely coming in the next hours...)

To learn how to access the ICCSA Riot platform, please see "How to ICCSA" page.

Have a good and pleasant "first contact".

Regione Sardegna

Comune Cagliari